Martyrdom of Hussain: An Example of Lofty Character, Weekly Moomin

5 March 2006

The martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain, his family members and colleagues in the month of Muharram at Karbala about 1,400 years ago, was a great sacrifice for the cause of mankind, Islam and its values. The great martyr sacrificed his life for the principles of Islamic values and showed to the world that one should stand against tyranny and never bow before unprincipled, might and proudy. Citing quotations from the writings of Moulana Abul Kalam Azad, the editorial has reflected that one should never bow before tyrant and should never support the government, which was against the principles of mankind, truth and religious values. Muslims were passing through a critical period of the history. They have lost 'Shariat', truth and have become cowards, unprincipled and self centered. The martyrdom of Karbala reminds that Muslims should stand up against the tyrant and start 'Jihad' for the glory of Islam. 'Jihad' was the way to face challenges unitedly and the anti-Islamic activities of enemies should be blunted so that glory of Islam was achieved. The blood of Karbala martyrs was calling 57 Muslim countries comprising 1.3 billion Muslims to stand up against tyrant and proudy Western civilisation, which was bent upon exploiting the moral values and wealth of Islamic world. Iraq had been destroyed, the respect and honour of Afghanistan had been blotted, the existence of Israel was like a poisoned dagger in the hearts of Muslims and Kashmir was crying for justifiable honour, but the powerful countries, having colonial mindset were bent upon subjugating honour, wealth and dignity of Muslims. It was sad that Muslims were still in deep shambles and had lost all courage and conviction to face the tyrants and the enemies of Islam. Islam was equated with terrorism and a new Quran was being manufactured to dominate Muslims in the world. The personality fo Prophet Mohammad and his teachings were denigrated by caricaturing him in cartoons (Prophet Mohammad has been caricatured with a load of bombs/missiles on his head, who was bent upon destroying human race), but irony was that Muslims had become so self centered that they did not care for Islam and its respect, with which Muslim were deeply rooted.