Vandalism and Misbehaviour Main Cause of Hatred

Md. Sadiq

8 May 2018

Vandalism, high-handedness and misbehaviour by security forces in Kashmir Valley is the main cause of local hatred. The intrusive behaviour of security forces, their constant mistreatment of locals has bred anti-India feelings. For three decades now, the local Valley population has endured the military and it has become intolerable, leading to a spike in militant recruitment and anti-India surge.

The recent complaint by policeman, DSP Nisar Ahmad Bakshi of Anantnag town proves how bad the situation is. His house along with those of several others was ransacked by security forces on 3 April evening. The officer posted pictures on Facebook showing his damaged house with broken windowpanes.

According to Greater Kashmir, Bakshi wrote: “Vandalism by security forces at K P Road Anantnag. Property worth lacs including windows and windowpanes of my residential house damaged. Houses/Vehicles and shops smashed and attacked by rods and rocks. This is for the 8th time since 2008 that my residential house has been damaged in such a way.”

What is worse is that the DSP's father told the ransacking security personnel that this house belonged to a police officer but they did not listen. The police officer's brother, a surgeon, Dr Iftkhar Bakshi a surgeon, commented: “Beasts in uniform, as if they enjoy damaging public property. This is sheer hooliganism. No accountability at all.”

In many places in the past, security forces have run amuck, ransacking houses and beating up people during and in the aftermath of gunfights. For the average Kashmiri in the Valley, the sight of a gun toting Indian soldier has become intolerable.

This kind of behaviour is both unacceptable and counter-productive. The powers in New Delhi must realise that discontent in the Kashmir Valley cannot be eliminated by the gun. Besides, there are many Kashmiris who do not wish to be ruled by Pakistan, terrorists or the Hurriyat. Highhandedness by security forces alienate all sections and people across the board.

If the strictest punishment is not meted out to vandals, rapists and sadists in the forces, the situation in the Valley will worsen as it already has and will spiral out of control. Good sense must prevail among the idiots governing this sensitive region.

Md Sadiq

8 May 2018