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Making Gilgit Baltistan as constitutional province of Pakistan will have serious consequences on the long standing issue of Jammu Kashmir dispute

5 Apr: London branch of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) has asked the government of Pakistan to shun its attempts to make Gilgit Baltistan a constitutional province of Pakistan. In a statement issued from London senior leader of JKLF Mr Mahmood Hussain has reiterated JKLF’s stand that making Gilgit Baltistan as constitutional province of Pakistan will have serious consequences on the long standing issue of Jammu Kashmir dispute. Mahmood Hussain further said that people of Jammu Kashmir will strongly oppose and resist conspiracies against the sacred cause of freedom and the fundamental rights of the people from all parts of forcibly divided state of Jammu Kashmir of which Gilgit-Baltistan is an integral part till the end. Statement said that such move by Pakistan has no legal, political, official or moral justification whatsoever. By taking this illegal and unjust step, Kashmiris are being forced to consider Pakistan in par with India.
Iftikhar Sharif, Press Secretary, JKLF London Branch, JKLF London

Delhi must ensure credibility of elections in Jammu Kashmir : Shafiq Mir

Jammu, April 4,2017 Expressing his apprehension about the misuse of power and position by the state government in parliamentary bi-elections in Kashmir valley, Shafiq Mir chairman All Jammu and Kashmir Panchayat Conference has appealed the central government of India to ensure the credibility of elections in the state where the people have already lost their faith in the exercise since 1987 rigged state elections. Mir has also demanded that the arrests and harassment of youth must be stopped. In a statement, issued here in winter capital Jammu, chief of the Panchayats body, Shafiq Mir said that he has received several complaints from the rural areas of South Kashmir that the security forces particularly state police have launched a arrest campaign against the youth due to which the anger of the people against the system has increased manifold. "And it is intention of the government to ensure maximum boycott so that people can not express their anger against the government party candidates on ballot papers. With this tactic, the government can use its employees votes in favour of the government candidates", said Mir. It is pertinent to mention here that Jammu Kashmir CM Mehbooba Mufti's brother is also candidate from Anantnag Parliamentary seat. He said if government repeats 1987, there will be no taker of this system in future and it will be biggest set back to the national interest of the country. "It is responsibility of the central government to ensure the free and fair elections so that the shattered confidence of the people in the system is restored".

NPP Supremo calls for immediate dismissal of BJP-PDP Govt

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron, National Panthers Party expressed deep concern on the total breakdown of law and order in the State of J&K and demanded immediate dismissal of Mehbooba Govt. which needs to be replaced by immediate Governor Rule by invoking Section 92 of J&K Constitution. Prof.Bhim Singh urged Shri N.N. Vohra, the Governor of J&K to invoke Section 92 as the law and order has totally collapsed in the State of J&K and there is no governance in the State threatening the security of the sensitive state of J&K for several months. The Panthers Party has been demanding dismissal of PDP-BJP Govt. because the Govt. has failed to function and there is no acceptance of the present government which is evident from the fire and thunders which have been leading stories on the situation in the State of J&K, particularly in the snow-covered Valley of Kashmir. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the PDP-BJP Govt. has lost its total acceptability and has failed to govern the state. The only way out is immediate dismissal of the present Govt. in the State of J&K to be replaced by Governor Rule for a short-spell so that the fresh elections to the Assembly may be held and the people could have choice to elect their legislators. Sd/-Sudesh Dogra, Political Secretary

Congress, NC & Others Will Got Get Single Seat in Lok Sabha Byelections

MARCH 14: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), President Srinagar, Fayaz Ahmad Bhat in his marathon visit to various parts of Srinagar, like Peerbagh, Sanatnagar, Hyderpora, Sonwar along with Arif Raja (General Secretary Srinagar & Protocol Inchage and party leaders Nazir Ahmad Gilkar, Manzoor Bhat, Ab. Khaliq Ahmad and Mohd Ashraf Reshi. Fayaz Bhat underscored the need of development in the state. He asks all the workers to gear up for scheduled by- elections for two Lok Sabha seats of Anantnag and Srinagar. He assured that the BJP will win the both seats in upcoming election and there is a tremendous support of people of Kashmir as well as people of Jammu and Ladakh to take J&K to the heights of development which is now possible under the dynamic leadership of SHRI NARENDRA MODI. He said there is no precedence during last several decades when any PM of the country has visited this state four times, during two months, even that UPA government had no time to visit J&K. He said BJP has huge party cadre and support in Central Kashmir and BJP has decided to contest these elections independently as party rather than entering into pre-poll alliance with PDP. While speaking in different parts of SRINGAR, Bhat also said that NARENDRA MODI has full Kashmir development agenda in his mind and entire BJP wants that now Kashmir should usher to new era of development and progress. He said that FAROOQ ABDULLAH, OMAR ABDULLAH, NC, Congress all have used people of Kashmir for their personal benefits. NC gave 3700 wine licenses to their cadre persons to addict youth with drugs and wine, while as MR.NARENDRA MODI ensured that entire Gujrat remains drug and wine free, which he will ensure in Kashmir as well. He said that Modi allowed opening of 42 Universities in Gujrat, but Omar Abdullah Government ensured that not a single private university is allowed to be established in Jammu and Kashmir. Member National Council BJP & President Srinagar, Fayaz Bhat

International community criminally silent on Kashmir Issue

The long standing unresolved conflict in Kashmir - commonly referred as kashmir dispute between , India , Pakistan and over 20 million Kashmiris . Has cost over 100,000 life's of innocent Kashmiri, men , women and children brutally killed by the Indian forces of occupation in the Indian occupied Kashmir . Not a single day goes by , when a innocent Kashmiri youth is not shot at. Despite all this, The international community remains criminally silence ? The int community must adhere to its legal and moral obligations and must exert and assert its powerful voice in search for a just and peaceful resolution of the conflict , support for an inherent , inalienable and internationally recognised right to self - determination. Regretfully, over 20 million Kashmiris still wait to exercise their fundamental , human and democratic right . Kashmir issue is a long standing matter at UNSC , with detailed mechanism identified to be adapted for its resolution , especially within the stated context of the principle of the fundamental rights of all inhabitants of the state . A poignant example of this can be seen in the pledge that India made on 1st Jan 1948. Indian government took the matter to the UN and gave a solemn undertaking: " That the question of Kashmiri's future status vis-a vis , its neighbours and the world at large and the question on wether kashmir should withdraw from accession from her accession from India , and either accede to Pakistan or remain INDEPENDENT, with right to claim admission as member of the UN ,,,, all this we have recognised to be matter for unfettered decision by the people of Kashmir , after normal life is restored to them "" (UNSC document agenda 227) The above is just one of the many commitments and pledges made by Indian leaders including , jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi. Founder of Pakistan Quad- I -Azam , Mohammed Ali Jinnah , also made statements stating that , "kashmiri's have the right to determine their future including an independent state of kashmir , we will respect their wishes " Across the LOC the forces of the both countries are deployed eye-ball to eye-ball since in 1947, has made life extremely difficult and dangerous for Kashmiri population living on both sides of the divide. as both countries are Nuclear powers such aggressive deployment and an absence of a viable and just solution of the Kashmir issue renders the situation fraught with incalculable and catastrophic consequences even to contemplate . A free and sovereign kashmir is the best and most practicable solution for a peace and prosperity in the region.
Mahmood Hussain (President, JKLF London Branch), 9, Maude Terrace, London, E17 7DG, Mobile: 00447956400834

Bhim Singh shocked at India's Failure to give Befitting reply to Pakistan at UNHRC

Prof.Bhim Singh, Executive Chairman, Indian Human Rights Council has expressed deep shock on the failure of Indian representative at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva this morning to slap a befitting reply to Pakistan's Law Minister, Zahid Hamid who repeated the old slangs of Pakistan to accuse India without any substance. Prof.Bhim Singh an expert on Jammu and Kashmir Affairs and graduate in Law from London University reminded Pakistan that it were Pakistan in 1948 who failed to implement the United Nations Security Council Resolutions. He reminded Pakistan that the United Nations Security Council on 13th January, 1948 had directed Pakistan to (1) vacate all occupied territories of J&K which formed part of the State of J&K under Maharaja Hari Singh in 1947. The Security Council (2) also directed all armed men (soldiers) from the State of J&K to the borders of Pakistan and further directed that Pakistan shall not remain on the occupied land of J&K. Prof.Bhim Singh said that Shri Krishnamenon in 1957 had brought entire material on regard on the aggression by Pakistan on the State of J&K yet Pakistan defied the resolution of the Security Council and instead grossly occupied several strategical important area of J&K. After 13th January, 1948 when resolution was passed with direction to the Pakistan to vacate all occupied areas of J&K, Pakistan invaded Gilgit in the month of July, 1948 and captured entire Gilgit region of J&K comprising of nearly 33000 sq. miles of territory. Pakistan instead of vacating the occupied areas of J&K as directed by the United Nations on 13th January, 1948 occupied Gilgit and even arrested Brig. Ghansara Singh, the sitting Governor of Gilgit and in 2009 annexed entire Gilgit-Baltistan with Pakistan in total violation of UN Resolution. Prof.Bhim Singh expressed shock on the silence of the Indian representative in the United Nations to denounce Pakistani aggression vis-a-vis Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan has violated the UN Resolutions by not vacating entire J&K. Pakistan has committed another aggression and defied UN Resolution by committing aggression against Gilgit. Pakistan has committed another blunder by annexing the entire (35,000 sq. miles) territory of Gilgit-Baltistan in 2009. Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the world community that Pakistan in 1963 leased out Karakoram Highway (Indian territory) to China in utter violation of the United Nations resolutions and thus has committed grave violation in International Law. Prof.Bhim Singh an expert in the Affairs of J&K and the resolutions of the United Nations charged Pakistan for violating International Law and territorial integrity as Jammu and Kashmir was acceded by its ruler, Maharaja Hari Singh to the Union of India on 26th October, 1947. Pakistan committed aggression against J&K and later against Gilgit after the Maharaja of J&K had signed the Instrument of Accession on 26th October, 1947. Prof.Bhim Singh declared that he shall go to the United Nations as a representative from J&K to represent the case as it does exist today where Pakistan has no space except as an aggressor vis-a-vis Jammu and Kashmir.
Sd/Sudesh Dogra, Political Secretary, JKPNP

Senior Leader BJP, Fayaz Bhat greets people on Mahashivratri

Srinagar, 23 February: The Bharatiya Janata Party Member National Council & President Srinagar Kashmir Mr. Fayaz Ahmad Bhat has greeted the people on the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri, which is celebrated by Kashmiri Pandits as Hairath. In his message, Fayaz Ahmad Bhat said that this festival symbolizes the values of piety, devotion, brotherhood and harmony, which are the hallmark of our glorious cultural ethos. Wishing the people a happy Mahashivratri, he referred to the tradition of the people of Jammu and Kashmir of celebrating such occasions in amity and brotherhood. He expressed the hope that this trait will get further strengthened with the passage of time and all contribute positively in flourishing this specialty and characteristics of the State. Fayaz Ahmad Bhat said that observation and celebrations of holy occasions and festivals in collectively and togetherness adds colour to the joyful events. "Hairth is the important part of Kashmiryat and denotes historical bonds of love and amity between Hindus and Muslims," he added. He prayed for peace and betterment of the State and the Country on the occasion and also said that the BJP is clean and clear and maximum majority have seen inclination towards us so that their developmental desires are addressed.
Office Secretary, BJP J&K Unit

JKLF Calls Upon India to Honour its Pledges

London-8 February 2017: In a statement issued here today on 33rd martyrdom anniversary of Muhammad Maqbool Butt- Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front has called on India to honour its pledges and international commitments on the right of 20 million Kashmiris to self-determination. The statement by the Chairman of JKLF's Diplomatic Bureau Professor Zafar Khan called on the Indian government to release mortal remains of Maqbool Butt Shaheed from Tihar Jail in India, and return them to his family, and people of Jammu Kashmir to be interned with respect and dignity- befitting a national hero- in his homeland. He said extra judicial execution of Muhammad Maqbool Butt by Indian government on 11 February 1984, and his burial in Tihar jail, epitomises an Indian occupation of Jammu Kashmir which is impervious to reason, morality and justice. The head of JKLF's diplomatic bureau called Indian occupation of Jammu Kashmir, brutal, callous and draconian, and said that militarised violence and massive human rights violations were the hallmark of Indian presence in Jammu Kashmir. He reminded the Indian government that the presence of over half a million Indian military forces in Jammu Kashmir was illegal, and their conduct and activities was in clear contravention of India's international obligations in relation to the Kashmir issue. He reiterated JKLF's strongly held position that Kashmir issue is not a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan nor is it an internal affair of India. Both countries however, owe it to peace and prosperity of 1.5 billion people of India, Pakistan and Jammu Kashmir to find a just, democratic and peaceful resolution of the issue, based on the unfettered, inherent and inalienable right to self-determination of 20 million people forcibly divided across the LoC.
Mahmoud Hussain, For and on behalf of Chairman Diplomatic Bureau, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front-JKLF, International Secretariat London: 119-123 Cannon Street Road, London E1 2LX

Peace Conference Wishes to Bridge Gap between Communities

Jammu 06 February: In continuation of efforts for bringing peace in Jammu & Kashmir the 79th One Day Peace Conference was held at General Zorawar Singh Auditorium under the aegis of Jammu and Kashmir Peace Foundation. Esteemed Dr. Jitendra Singh Hon?ble MOS for Prime Minister?s Office was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Jammu and Kashmir Peace Foundation has been holding such conferences across the country and state for the last 27 years. The conference was addressed by various dignitaries including intellectuals, academics, religious personalities, and bureaucrats, Members of parliament, legislators, and political leaders. Esteemed Dr. Jitendra Singh Hon?ble MOS for Prime Minister?s Office in his address said that the tough task of bingeing peace, prosperity, communal harmony, brotherhood as undertaken by JKPF has borne fruit as more and more people are attracted to it and holding of conferences even at such places where the name of peace and brotherhood had totally vanished. In addition JKPF brought the name of peace in almost every house hold of Kashmir by involving people from all shades of opinion. The Jammu and Kashmir Peace Foundation (JKPF) (A Non Government and Non Political Movement for Global Peace Prosperity, Brotherhood and Communal Harmony) has been established in 1998 and the organization played key role in creating sense of national hood among People of J & K State. The organization is engaged in educating the people about the importance of peace and the communal harmony in an atmosphere of plural society on the globe. JKPF has organized 78 national and international peace conferences, 256 peace conferences and relief distribution camps at state level. In future we contemplate to continue our efforts in the same direction tirelessly. Further the organization is going to organize hundreds of peace conference at District Levels, Tehsil Levels and Block Levels in the current year. We further, are endearing to persuade the misguided youths of the state to shun the path of violence and cushion them not to fall pray in to the hands of some vested interest that use them to enhance their ill designs and machination against the national interest and communal harmony. The aim of the organization is to maintain sovereignty and integrity of the state at all cost, create an atmosphere of peace, mutual tolerance and brotherhood so that state ushers in all round development, peace and tranquility.

Weavers Denied Govt. Assistance

Sh. Varinderjeet Singh Ji convened a meeting of all Weavers and Artisans of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh region today, which was presided over at BJP Head Quarter Trikuta Nagar Jammu. The meeting was convened to introduce the office bearers of Weavers and Artisans Cell of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh to the Incharge all cells Sh. Varinderjeet Singh Ji. While addressing the members and office bearers Varinderjeet Singh Ji brought to light programs and schemes the Central Government has framed for the benefit of Weavers and Artisans. He called upon all the members of Weavers and Artisans fraternity to come forward and take benefit of all these schemes. He said the BJP Government is bent on eradicating poverty and uplift down trodden. The Members complained that, they are not given fair dealing by the government and the schemes meant for them are not being sanctioned when they approach the concerned department some complained non-availability of raw material.

MLA Ramnagar R S Pathania adjudged 'Best Legislator'

Jammu: Amongst a thunderous applause and appreciations pouring in from various sections of civil society, Mr Ranbir Singh Pathania, a lawyer-turned-politician and first time MLA from Ramnagar Assembly Segment was awarded "Best Legislator" for the year 2016 by Hon'ble Speaker J&K Legislative Assembly Kavinder Gupta on the recommendation of a Award Committee comprising of former Speaker, Journalists and Civil Society Members. Mr Pathania shot into prominence with his novel idea of Public meeting cum grievance redressal camp at various places in the constituency. Mr Pathania during his stint as legislator was pretty vocal in raising various issues in the assembly. Though being a part of ruling BJP-PDP coalition, Mr. Pathania even didn't hesitate to show dissidence on certain issues of grave public importance. He is a distinction-holder graduate from G.G.M. Science College Jammu and having done L.L.B. from University of Jammu, he has been practising law at the Jammu seat of J & K High Court at Jammu and accredited to have dealt with briefs of prestigious cases pertaining to Sidhra land scam and B.Ed Colleges scandal in the Supreme Court of India. He has also filed numerous PILs dealing with diverse rainbow of topics concerning day-to-day social, domestic and political lives of people, particularly, regarding mushroom growth of B.Ed. Colleges in J & K, banning of smoking in public places, bringing of J & K Right to Information Act in consonance with the Central legislation, rectification of the name of Degree College Ramnagar, preservation of Mubarak Mandi complex and its declaration as a 'national heritage,' etc. He is now the second youngest MLA in Legislative Assembly remaining vocal and vociferous about issues and topics ranging from local to national and international. He has already been awarded 'Best Citizen of India' by Best Citizen Publishing House, New Delhi. And 'Outstanding Achievement Award' by Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare. He was also rated as 'Columnist Of The Year' by an international-level survey conducted by Kashmir Awareness Org.

Book on Allama Mashriqi's Family Published in USA

Book Cover

Allama Mashriqi's Sons & Daughters: British India's Young Freedom Fighters, author Nasim Yousaf's (Allama Mashriqi's grandson) sixteenth book, has been published in the United States of America. The book profiles the stories of Allama Mashriqi's sons and daughters, who fought for the freedom of the Indian sub-continent (now Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh). Like Mashriqi, these individuals made great sacrifices for the nation in order to end the British Raj. One of Allama Mashriqi's sons was killed, three were arrested, and the lives of his young daughters were threatened. This book profiles these unsung heroes of the Indian subcontinent's independence. The newly published book is a compelling read that sheds light on these heroes. The book is bound to draw considerable interest not only from researchers, students, and academics of South Asian studies, but also any individual interested in the history of the Indian sub-continent. The book is available in both print (hardcover) and electronic formats (accessible globally via Kindle, phone, and other devices).

Book Description (from back cover): Allama Mashriqi led the freedom movement of the Indian sub-continent (now comprised of Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan) and liberated his people from British rule in 1947. Mashriqi was a force to be reckoned with, which is evidenced by the Government's aggressive efforts to try and stop him; during the independence struggle, Mashriqi was arrested at least six times, his movements were restricted at least twice, his organization (including Al-Islah journal) was banned, and his followers were killed. Furthermore, he endured physical attacks, harassments and threats. And perhaps worst of all, Mashriqi's sons were arrested and one was 'murdered in cold blood' and became a martyr (over 50,000 people attended his funeral). Meanwhile, his daughters and wives faced death threats from those seeking to damage Mashriqi. Indeed, Mashriqi's family was incredibly devoted to him and also made deep sacrifices for the cause. Following in the footsteps of their father, Mashriqi's sons and daughters were on the front lines in the fight for independence. This work, by a grandson of Mashriqi, focuses on Mashriqi's children's personal lives, their fight for freedom, and their sacrifices for the cause. The book contains articles on Mashriqi's sons and daughters from his first wife (Wilayat Begum): Hameedah Begum (daughter), Ikramullah Khan Anwar (son), Mehmudah Begum (daughter), Ehsanullah Khan Aslam (martyred son), Masuda Yousaf (daughter), Inamullah Khan Akram (son), and Inayatullah Khan Asghar (son). The work also includes additional memoirs on Wilayat Begum and Professor Meraj-ud-Din (Mashriqi's father-in-law).

About the Author: Mr. Nasim Yousaf, a grandson of Allama Mashriqi, has spent a considerable portion of his adult life engaged in academic research on Allama Mashriqi and the Khaksar Tehrik. His work has led him to some of the most prestigious research libraries in the US, U.K., and Canada. Mr. Yousaf's research has been painstaking, as material on Mashriqi and the Khaksar Tehrik was not readily available, scattered or improperly catalogued. Many of the files related to the Movement have still not been declassified by the Governments of Pakistan, India and the United Kingdom. Mr. Yousaf's published works have brought fresh perspective and made important contributions to the South Asian historical record. His books can be found in world-renowned academic/research libraries in five continents (Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America). His works have also been published in peer-reviewed publications as well as newspapers in various countries. And they have also been exhibited in famous book fairs in New York, San Francisco, London, and Frankfurt. Through his works, the author has introduced notable South Asian legends (Allama Mashriqi, Dr. Akhter Hameed Khan, and Air Commodore Mohammad Zafar Masud) to the Western world. As a result of his efforts, Mr. Yousaf has a large following on social media of individuals seeking information about his works on these legendary figures.

BJP Pays Tribute to Mufti

Srinagar 07-01-17 - Fayaz Ahmad Bhat (Member National Council BJP and President Srinagar Kashmir) pays tribute to Mufti Mohammad Sayeed on death anniversary by saying that he was the man of perseverance and great survivor, Mufti Mohammed Sayeed had an astute political sense honed by decades of experience in Kashmir politics that had stood him in good stead in crafting a delicate alliance with BJP to return as Chief Minister for the second time. Fayaz Ahmad Bhat said that the nation had lost an exemplary leader. Mufti Sahib's demise had left a huge void in the nation & in J&K, where his exemplary leadership had a major impact on people's lives. What stood out about Mufti Sahib was his statesmanship. In his long political journey he won many admirers across political spectrum. Mufti Sahib provided a healing touch to J&K through his leadership. He will be missed by all of us. He was a national leader. He said "Mufti Sahib was the man of great vision, his death is great loss to nation and especially to Jammu and Kashmir, in his death, the state of Jammu and Kashmir as indeed the entire nation has lost a great leader." Fayaz Ahmad Bhat said he was known for his love for common people, especially the underprivileged. Mufti Sahib's was a visionary leader who dedicated his entire life to a united and strong J&K and India. His demise at a crucial juncture is saddening. He said Mufti ji was a dominant figure in the politics of the troubled region. He said that physically he is not with us but he will live in our hearts always and his dreams for prosperous Jammu and Kashmir will get fulfilled. Fayaz Ahmad Bhat said that the confident vision and mission of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and BJP should be carried forward and implemented in letter and spirit. The vision of BJP is in favor of Jammu Kashmir's peace and prosperity and development. 'Agenda of Alliance', it is aimed at sequencing the political process and the economic development and striking the right balance between the two to create a virtuous cycle of peace and prosperity that will accord normal life to the coming generations, especially those regions who have lived in perpetual strife and conflict. Today both BJP/PDP Government is working hard to fulfill his vision towards J&K to make this state as peaceful and strong all over the country.
May His Soul Rest In Peace
BJP Media Secretary

Demonetization destabilized economy and biggest scam in history: Mohammed Sharief Niaz

Mohammed Sharief Niaz former minister, Ex MLA Bhaderwah while addressing a protest rally in Doda today has said that demonetization has failed miserably and now it has destabilized economy of country. Niaz said that government's campaign to fight against black money, counterfeit currency and end of terrorism is an eye wash and the real motive of demonetization was to give monetary benefit to few billionaires by writing off their debts. Niaz said that demonetization was an autocratic decision of PM which has made millions of people jobless after many small scale businesses got shut down due to demonetization . Farmers and small scale businesses are worst affected. He said that hundreds of people have died in hospitals who had no money to buy medicines. Niaz said that such autocratic decision is sickening , immoral and can also be called as theft on peoples property by billionaires through government . Niaz said that economists have mentioned that more than 90 per cent of India's workforce still earns their wages in cash. These consist of millions of agriculture workers, industries workers and so on. While the number of bank branches in rural areas has nearly doubled since 2001, there are still millions of Indians who live in a town or village with no bank. Cash is the bedrock of the lives of these people. Their daily needs depend on their cash being accepted as a medium of valid currency. To throw the lives of millions of poor people in disarray is a mammoth tragedy. Niaz said that the shortage of liquidity is showing significant constraint on household, agriculture , micro and major business establishments , medical facilities, tourism, trade and education. The methods adopted to implement demonetization have forced many under privileged to commit suicide. Agriculture sector which is one the most important sector in a nation and in our country where it gives a significant contribution to GDP has been completely ignored. Farmers are not being provided with any solutions to purchase seeds and other requirements for agriculture . And if the issue is not resolved within days it can lead to lower agriculture production and higher inflation. Furthermore Niaz also highlighted various problems faced by people of Bhaderwah, Bhallessa, Chiralla and Basnota areas of Bhaderwah constituency . He said that there is shortage of wheat and sugar in food stores and electricity is being provided just few hours in a day . Niaz said that roads are in worst condition and government is not taking any step for maintenance of roads.
Mohammed Sharief Niaz
Mobile no : 9419000894, 9596641111