January 2021 News

PAGD Should Come Out With Roadmap Before People: Basharat Bukhari

1 January 2021
Kashmir News Service

Srinagar: Former Minister and National Conference leader Basharat Bukhari today asked the People's Alliance for Gupkar Decleration (PAGD) to share their road-map with the people. 'Alliance was made on the backdrop of decisions of last year against Article 370. They have come together to show anger against it. Meanwhile elections happened. Seats were divided and people were asked to cast vote in favor of them to show resentment against GOI decision. now results have also come. yesterday I asked a question to my leaders also that what is the roadmap . It is important to tell people about the road-map of the alliance. I don't know whether they have road-map or not even if they don't have, it is important to inform same to people also.' In a major revelation Bukhari also said that former Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed entered into alliance with BJP because he saw a ray of hope in the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to resolve Kashmir issue. Taking to Kashmir News Service (KNS) exclusively,Bukhari said, ' When parleys were going on between BJP and Mufti Sayeed regarding Govt formation. I asked Mufti Sayeed if I can talk to Congress and National Conference regarding Govt formation. He didn't say anything. After many days we met in Jammu and I again threw the idea of Govt formation with Congress and NC in presence of Rafi Mir and Peerzada Manzoor. ' This time he replied that he at this age doesn't want to become chief minister for building roads and laying water supply pipes. I want to do something for Kashmir issue. Otherwise any of you, Mehbooba can become Chief Minister.' PM Modi has mandate of public and he has authority. People have given vote to Modi's face, Bukhari quoted him as saying, 'He told us that we have to get our programme of opening borders and roads and other elements of programme implemented by him only. He said that he doesn't see any bigger Leader than PM Modi who can talk about the Kashmir issue or talk to Pakistan about it. If we loose this opportunity, we won't be able to implement our programme, he told us. I felt his argument convincing. But BJP Government failed us, Mufti sb. When he was admitted in Delhi hospital, Me , Mehbooba Mufti were there. Those days PM Modi went to Pakistan to attend marriage of Son of Nawaz Sharif. Mehbooba Mufti When Mufti sb came to know about it in hospital She said Mufti sb told her that finally they understood him and they have to do it. He felt happy. He has said they will talk and after some days he passed away. They failed us. Later we could not continue in that direction.we didn't follow it. I already said we talk when we are out of power and remain silent when we are in power. This is the reason, then personal matters matter more. When we take out large rallies. We lie and innocent people take it. But inside picture is totally different,' he told KNS correspondent.