January 2021 News

Kamaal Expresses Concern Over Dwindling Number Of Local Bureaucrats

28 January 2021

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Thursday said the ruling BJP's policy of August 5, 2019 coincided with a steep decrease of locals in bureaucracy, saying the measure has increased sense of alienation and disenfranchisement among all sections of society across Jammu and Kashmir. The unjust measures undertaken by New Delhi have heralded existential crises for the people of Jammu and Kashmir and also endangered the country's federal structure, said Party's Additional General secretary Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal while expressing concern over the dwindling number of local bureaucrats from decision making bodies. He said the August 5 measures and the successive notifications and orders have repudiated the social contract that the people of Jammu and Kashmir had with the country. Countering BJPs claims on heralding 'Naya Kashmir' in J&K post abrogation, Kamal said that disenfranchising and denying real democracy, and empowered legislature were the first casualties of BJPs distraught vision of 'Naya Kashmir'. 'Since the unilateral measures of August 5, a systematic plan of downsizing local bureaucrats is being pursued. This explains the reason behind widespread alienation among people in Jammu and Kashmir. The widespread administrative inertia, and unaccountably that has beset the entire region reveals the shoddy failure of the administration to rise up to people's aspirations and requirements,' he said. He said the new chapter that the BJP claims it has ushered in Kashmir was bereft of democratic moorings. He said the distraught version of BJPs Naya Kashmir was marked by muzzling voices of media, caging democratic leaders, politicians and incessant gags on communication and internet. BJPs version of Naya Kashmir, he said, has, and continues to contrive towards total disempowerment of Kashmir and its people. He said the false narratives and rampant mistruth mongering will not give New Delhi anticipated dividends unless the inalienable right of the people of Jammu and Kashmir to have a democratically elected government is restored back. Absence of an empowered legislature is reminiscent of autocratic times. 'The present regime has undone the herculean struggle and disregarded the sacrifices of our founding fathers for the rights of people. Rather than resorting to diversion and theatrics, ruling BJP should without wasting any time to amend its august 5,2019 policy on Kashmir. The present unrealistic and undemocratic policy of ruling BJP besides harming the vital interests of Kashmir also imperils the vital interests of the country,' he said.