March 2021 News

BJP leader criticises Pak for exporting terrorism to J-K

14 March 2021

Jammu: Senior BJP leader and former deputy chief minister Kavinder Gupta on Sunday criticised Pakistan for continuing with its nefarious designs of exporting terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir despite renewing its pledge on maintaining the sanctity of the 2003 ceasefire agreement. 'Supplying sticky bombs and using drones for recce and arms dropping is the live example of Pakistan's continued misadventures in India,' Gupta said in a statement here. He said by refurbishing the truce agreement last month, Pakistan wants to save the country from India's strong retaliation which was not the case a few years back. Gupta said lashed out at Pakistan for toeing the line of 'brazen hypocrisy' through which on one hand it is showing the world that it wants peace and bonhomie by assuring 'silence' on borders but on the other, it is continuing with its trademark business of exporting terrorism inside J-K by adopting new methods and bringing in latest destructive technology. 'However, the narrative which Pakistan wants the world to believe will never happen as India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not what it was a decade ago. Today India is a strong nation and can counter Pakistan's propaganda effectively,' he said. The BJP leader said after failing to engineer infiltration of ultras from across the Line of Control (LoC), Pakistani agencies have changed their modus operandi and now are relying on the internet to radicalise the local youth. 'The rogue nation wants to keep the pot boiling by instigating Kashmiri youths by conventional and new ways just to showcase that terrorism in Valley is intrinsic,' he said, adding reports of Pakistan radicalising Kashmiri youths continue to pour in making it imperative for the security and intelligence grid to remain on toes watching closely the Pakistani misdemeanor and give a befitting response. Gupta said time has gone when Pakistan's mechanisations used to work in India as the number of foreign terrorists killed by the security forces in the last few years is in hundreds and the war against Pakistani terrorism is on with full zeal and zest. 'The intelligence grid has lately turned so effective that our security forces have the details of each and every subversive element and it is a matter of days now that either they will be behind bars or would be neutralised,' he said. He said security forces' invigorated and effective counter-infiltration grid has bamboozled Pakistan and therefore it has devised the new strategy to misguide youths in Kashmir.