March 2021 News

Delimitation Is A Test Case For Redressal Of Discrimination Concerns: Chrungoo

15 March 2021

Jammu: 'Demilmitation is straightway a test case for redressal of discrimination concerns in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The Delimitation Commission and the government will have to set at rest the grievances of the politically neglected sections of the society in the UT with overwhelming powers at their will and command', said Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, senior BJP and Kashmiri Pandit leader and Incharge, Deptt of Political Affairs and Feedback, J&K-BJP. According to statement to 'KNS' Chrungoo was addressing a webinar on the topic: 'Delimitation: The way for empowerment @KP perspective', convened by the VASUK Group-Conferencing and moderated by Dr. Ritu Bakshi and Sandeep Kisroo. Those who participated in the webinar besides others included Utpal Kaul, Virender Raina, Yoginder Kaul, Arvind Shah, Vijay Kashkari, Upinder Kaul, Kamal Bagati, Shivdass Raina, Vijay Raina, Rakesh Kaul, Bhupinder Singh Raina, Sanjay Raina and Jagdish Bhat. Various speakers in their representations asked for a permanent solution to the issues related to the discrimination of the politically neglected sections of the society such as the Jammu region, Kashmiri Pandit community, ST community and the West Pakistan refugees. Though there is a serious problem regarding some sections of the society because of their displacement and spread throughout the length and breadth of the country, yet the Delimitation Commission needs to think of options left with the State to ameliorate the long pending concerns. The speakers brought out Pondicherry type of nominations as an option for representing KPs in the Assembly. Proposals for KP seats just like Teachers and Graduates seats in certain legislative bodies of UP, MP, Maharashtra, Bihar and a few more states were mooted out. It was emphasized that there has to be an approach to be found based upon an out-of-box solution for the tedious issues involved since extraordinary situations demand extraordinary solutions. Chrungoo, who was the chief guest on the occasion, in his address said that the political parties in the JKUT will have to adopt a comprehensive approach to develop a consensus regarding the redressal mechanism to ameliorate the negect issues of the last seven decades. While Jammu region was discriminated right from 1952 elections in the then state of Jammu and Kashnir, the Kashmiri Pandit community has remained unrepresented throughout their history over the last five decades. 'The forced mass exodus of the Pandits has added the most important dimension to the whole issue raising a pertinent question to the effect that the founding fathers of the Indian constitution never imagined that any section of the society will be compelled to live as refugees in their own country. In such a situation, it is actually a test of the intent of the State, the constituents of which swear by the off-repeated phrase that 'Kashmir is incomplete without Kashmiri Pandits'...! It is high time to realise the essense of the phrase by ensuring political representation to the indegenous people of Kashmir, the Kashmiri Pandits, Sikhs of the valley and the non-Kashmiri speaking Hindus of Kashmir', the BJP leader further added.