April 2021 News

'KPs Maintain That Delimitation Is An Issue Linked To Their Existence In Kashmir'

5 April 2021

Jammu: Consequent upon the presentation made by the representatives of the minorities of Kashmir before the Delimitation Commission at New Delhi some days back, a Webinar was organised by VASUK Group-Conferencing here today. The proceedings of the webinar titled, 'Delimitation: A way ahead now after the presentation before the Commission' were conducted by Prof. Ritu Bakshi, Admin of the Group. The keynote address was made by Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, senior BJP & KP leader and the concluding speech coupled with a vote of thanks was made by Utpal Kaul, india chapter Incharge, GKPD. In a statement issued to KNS ,that reads ,It may be recalled that some days ago, on the invitation of the Commission, a three-member delegation, led by Chrungoo, met the full Commission in New Delhi in their office and submitted a memorandun to the Commission. The other prominent participant speakers in the webinar included B.L.Saraf, Retd Principal Distt and Sessions judge, Vijay Bakaya, former MLC, Kuldeep Khuda, former DGP, Ashok Bhan, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Yoginder Kaul, former IGP and P.N.Goja, senior Advocate, J&K High Court. In his keynote address, Chrungoo said, 'the delimitation issue will test the intent of the Indian state in regard to the displaced population of Kashmir which is living as refugees in their own country. The Delimitation Commission was apprised of the seriousness of the issue pertaining to the political empowerment, space and existence of the indegenous population of the Kashmir valley which had to face terrorism, genocide and ethnic cleansing in the valley. It is entirely an extraordinary situation that needs an extraordinary solution. Reservation or Nomination for the Displaced minority communities of the valley form the workable solution which the Delimitation Commission was apprised of'. The webinar resolved that the Delimitation is an issue linked to the existence of the Kashmiri Pandit community in the valley. Vijay Bakaya fully supported the move for 5 seats for minorities of Kashmir in the Assembly through reservation or nomination. B.L.Saraf said that the issue need not only to be viewed as a constitutional and legal issue. The natural justice demands that the community should be assured its due place in the political spectrum of the state. There are instances available in Sikkim and Pondicherry which have been well explained by the delegation to the Commission that can assure participation of the Pandits in the Assembly and Parliament. Ashok Bhan emphasized the need for supporting the campaign without any sort of subjective political leanings since the issue pertains to the main question as to how the Kashmiri Pandits can become a permanent part of the future political dispensation in J&K. Kuldeep Khuda appreciated the role of the delegation that presented its perspective before the Commission and said that there has to be a direct communication with the government of India and the ruling party as well on the issue. He also said that the community organs should come forward in support of the movement. P.N.Goja suggested amemndment in the relevant section of the J&K Reorganisation Act so that the Delimitation Commission finds it palatable to go along with the suggestions and proposals made to it. Yoginder Kaul gave a brief about the garrymandering of the erstwhile constituencies in the valley that made the votes of Pandits largelt ineffective. Utpal Kaul in his concluding address thanked the participants and appealed them to contribute to the process of documentation for the Delimitation Commission. He also assured allout GKPD support to the movement.