Kashmir Politics

Formation of the Plebescite Front

Following the overthrow of Sheikh Abdullah, his lieutenant Mirza Afzal Beg formed the Plebiscite Front on 9 August 1955 to fight for the plebiscite demand and the unconditional release of Sheikh Abdullah who had been arrested after his removal. The activities of the Plebiscite Front eventually led to the institution of the Kashmir Conspiracy Case in 1958 and two other cases. The release of Sheikh Abdullah following the withdrawal of the Kashmir Conspiracy Case in 1964 gave a new impetus to the party and Sheikh Abdullah and Mirza Afzal Beg launched an offensive approach by instigating the people against India. They also carried out anti- India propaganda abroad which led to their fresh detention in May 1965. This led to the decline in the activities of the Plebiscite Front. However, with the release of Sheikh Abdullah in January 1968, the Plebiscite Front revived its activities and began to spread its influence throughout the valley with Sheikh Abdullah reverting to open attacks against India, besides challenging the finality of the accession.