Kashmir Politics

Sheikh Abdullah's Death - 1982

The political situation in J&K remained stable for the next five years with Sheikh Abdullah as the Chief Minister, and the NC maintaining cordial relations with the Central Government and furthering the ideals of democracy and secularism in the State. However, the Congress-I started making efforts to stage a comeback in the State and expand its following. This led to a confrontation with the NC to an extent that it contributed towards Sheikh Abdullah indulging in anti-Centre fulminations. Sheikh Abdullah died in September, 1982 and his son, Dr. Farooq Abdullah took over the leadership of the NC. This succession led to a bitter conflict with his brother-in-law G.M. Shah emerging as a rival candidate. The June 1983 Assembly elections again returned NC under Dr. Farooq Abdullah to power but the internal quarrels had not dissipated. Defection of the G.M. Shah group from the NC led to the fall of Dr. Farooq Abdullah's government on 2 July 1984 and G.M. Shah (NC-K) assumed power with the support of the Congress-I from outside. This ushered in a period of unprecedented communal violence and misrule in the State.